Wowd for Android released

We have just published the Wowd application to the Android Market! It features hotlist, search, tag cloud and history (MyPages). You can find what is going on in our top categories, or your specific interest by using the search feature. You can also see how popularity rises or drops in real time. The official description says:

Keep up with the latest popular content on the web with the Wowd app. From Entertainment to Technology, see only the best stuff.  Plus, stay on top of what’s happening now by using our trending topics for a snapshot of what’s popular. Access the real-time web from your mobile and download the free Wowd app today!

Screenshot showing Wowd hotlist for Sports
Wowd hotlist for Sports

That is exactly what end users can expect from Wowd. The list of popular web sites (“hotlist”) refreshes from time to time and changes incrementally by default each 60 seconds, but you can modify that according to your wish or internet provider data plan. On top of the screen, we have a list of nine categories, including “All” which combines all popular links together. Category bar can be scrolled with touch motion. The sliding drawer, on the right edge of the screen, can be pulled to the left side, and then it shows you the trending topics and searches in the selected category. If you click on the topic, search will be executed and you will see (by default) the best fresh results. If you wish, you can change whether you prefer high popularity over freshness, by using settings.

MyPages is simply a log of web sites you visited with Wowd. On the PC version, it is one of my favorites (guess why), but the Android version is far from what PC version provides. On the other hand, hotlist and search is 1-1 compatible with the Wowd web site, which is cool. Anyways, MyPages can be accessed from the main screen by tapping the “Menu” button. From there you can visit a page, or remove some/all items.

There is a lot of space for improvements, which will surely come if Android users show interest for this app. Personally, I’ve enjoyed making it, with great deal of help from my colleagues, in the past few months. Android platform is… well, to me it is very good. Java, Eclipse, ADT – the tools are just great and programming on Android thrilling experience compared to programming for iPhone! Sorry Apple folks 🙂

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