Linux Guitar Pro Alternative

Today I finally configured my Ubuntu for guitar tabs playing!

Here is the recipe:
– install “tuxguitar” package
– install “timidity” package

Maybe your sound card supports MIDI files better than mine, so you might go with hardware support for playing MIDI files. However, software sequencers do provide better sound and sometimes they are the only choice, as in my case.

For some reason though, timidity daemon isn’t started with boot up, so I had to start it manually. Before launching tuxguitar, launch following command from terminal:

timidity -iA -B2,8 -Os -EFreverb=0

Then run tuxguitar and select Timidity port from the settings as shown in the second picture.

Good luck and enjoy your guitar 🙂

TuxGuitar settings
Configuring TuxGuitar to use Timidity synthesizer

DebConf11 – Banja Luka Bid

The Linux User Group of Bosnia and Herzegovina is bidding for the organization of the eleventh Debian Conference. Debian is one of the most popular and certainly amongst oldest GNU/Linux distributions, bundled with free software only, providing users with various software packages through its own APT (Synaptic) package manager.

Debian Conference is organized once a year, and Sarajevo participated in the DebConf7 bid, but the city of Edinburgh won that year. This year, DebConf is being held in New York City.

The government of Republic of Srpska, with the prime minister Milorad Dodik, has given green light and financial support for the oncoming event, which gives Banja Luka a great opportunity to win the bid. Other bidders are Germany and the city of Munich, which is known to be as one of the first cities in Europe which fully adopted GNU/Linux in government and civil services.

If you would like to support the event, you can join the Facebook fan page or join the mail list. To find more about Banja Luka and event’s organization, visit the Wiki page. To find out more about how this idea emerged, visit Adnan Hodzic’s blog.

Eclipse GTK fix for Ubuntu 9.10 / Karmic

If you’ve happen to be using Eclipse based IDE, like Spring Tool Suite, on recently released Ubuntu 9.10, you must have noticed that mouse click on “OK”/”Apply” and some other buttons doesn’t work.

The problem is with SWT/JFace GTK implementation. Anyway, the GTK in Karmic has been changed which resulted in backward incompatibility with the SWT implementation. To temporarily override new settings, you simply need to launch eclipse with GDK_NATIVE_WINDOWS=true parameter. Here is a little script that you can put in your eclipse application folder that will do the trick. You can also create a desktop launcher to the script.

#!/usr/bin/env bash
cd `dirname $0`