Debian Squeeze/Sid Java networking issues

I’ve moved from 32bit Ubuntu 10.04 to a 64bit Debian Squeeze recently. No important reasons for abandoning Ubuntu, I just felt more like going Debian for a change. Unfortunately, I run into a new kind of bug when I tried to install some Eclipse plugins, and it turns out that all Java networking is broken…

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Eclipse GTK fix for Ubuntu 9.10 / Karmic

If you’ve happen to be using Eclipse based IDE, like Spring Tool Suite, on recently released Ubuntu 9.10, you must have noticed that mouse click on “OK”/”Apply” and some other buttons doesn’t work.

The problem is with SWT/JFace GTK implementation. Anyway, the GTK in Karmic has been changed which resulted in backward incompatibility with the SWT implementation. To temporarily override new settings, you simply need to launch eclipse with GDK_NATIVE_WINDOWS=true parameter. Here is a little script that you can put in your eclipse application folder that will do the trick. You can also create a desktop launcher to the script.

#!/usr/bin/env bash
cd `dirname $0`